Do you wish to market a new convenience product? From soups and bouillons to instant meals and desserts: With over 90 years of experience in the production of culinary dry blends and savory products, we can partner you during the entire development process of your convenience product – by undertaking an in-depth market analysis, by helping with the careful selection of your raw materials or with a customized packaging solution.


Our production methods are as varied as the needs of our customers:

Soups, broths and bouillons

No matter whether you desire a clear or thickened soup – we can supply your soup in the form of granules, cubes or pastes. A complete flavor spectrum, either as an instant option or with the requirement for pre-simmering, is available to you.


Our seasonings in granular, paste or liquid form offer you the most convenient solution for the enhancement of your culinary dishes. We can also create a wide range of spices and spice blends on your behalf.


From thin to creamy, our sauces are the ideal seasoning for all manner of dishes. You will receive the finest quality dry as well as liquid products from us. We can also partner your development of salad dressings and specialty marinade and mustard products.

Recipe Mixes

The use of complete meal products enables certain steps in the preparation of food to be eliminated. We will develop the appropriate dry seasoning blend in partnership with you.

Ready-to-eat dishes

We can create delicious dishes like pastas, mashed potatoes, rice dishes and other delicacies in both pre-simmer and instant variants.


Delicious desserts can be prepared in no time at all with the help of our dessert creations in granular form. Our production facilities are suitable for making custards, mousses, puddings and much more.

Breakfast drinks

Our mix-ready cocoa and chocolate powders are perfect for getting the day off to a great start. Fortification with malt and vitamins is also possible.

Good to know

Your ready-mix can be endowed with a range of additional properties, for example:

  • Degree of convenience
  • Organic certification
  • Vegan, halal, kosher etc. certifications
  • Use of Swiss rapeseed oil
  • Free of gluten and lactose
  • Free of trans fats, palm oil, sugar and much more
  • Free of preservatives and much more


You can choose from a wide range of packaging options:

Our Products



Create your food. Explore our competences and create online your tailor-made products with our food configurator

Private Label Retail


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Culinary ready-mixes

Do you wish to market a new convenience product? From soups and bouillons to instant meals and desserts…

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