An authentic Cold Brew coffee, adapted to your needs? We support you in this and develop a tailor-made product with an industrial process to bring a high-quality cold brew to the shelves. Enjoy complete freedom from the coffee bean to the packaging to create your unrivalled beverage. Our in-house recipe is available for small quantities.

Good to know

We produce a high quality and authentic Cold Brew with an industrial process. Our expertise:

  • 12 hour Cold Drip process: consistently cool processing
  • We produce a cold brew concentrate (only 3-5% dosage depending on the application), which allows an infinite range of applications
  • A stable product with constant quality
  • To your disposition: Individual solution and standard recipe available.



BEANS & roasting

Our standard? Or do you want your own recipe? Take advantage of our high roasting competence and choose the appropriate degree of roasting yourself.


The technology behind this product hit is a novel industrial cold drip process that allows an authentic Cold Brew to be produced in industrial quantities while ensuring food safety for commercial use.


Beans & claims

Single origin, 100% Arabica, organic, Fairtrade


Our R&D team has thought of everything: black, latte, sweetened, with aromas, nitro, concentrate, etc.


You can choose from a wide range of packaging options:

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Cold Brew Coffee

An authentic cold brew coffee, fitting your needs? We support you and develop a tailor-made product with an industrial process to bring a high-quality cold brew to the shelves...


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