Would you like to delight your customers with a new bar? As Europe's leading producer of all manner of bars we offer you tailor-made solutions. From choosing the right consistency to selecting the most suitable production process and target-group specific packaging, we will be pleased to assist and support you along every step and in every detail of your bar.

Your tailor-made solution


The appearance and the size of a muesli bar can vary greatly, depending on the application of different technological concepts.


The specific technological concepts to be applied will depend on the target groups and consumers for your company's products.


The worldwide market is growing and the demand for muesli bars as a replacement for other foods in a host of different situations is growing increasingly.



The traditional, cold-pressed bar remains one of the most popular snacks. This bar type can be enriched with a variety of flavors, cereals, fruits and nuts and even savory ingredients, depending on the flavor you desire. The bar can also be enhanced with a fruity or milky layer in its center.


A wonderfully crispy and delicious snack that is suitable for practically every occasion. Like muesli, this type of bar offers a wonderful taste experience. It also gives the appearance of being home-baked which makes it unique and extremely popular. The bar can also only be baked briefly to be given its uniquely soft texture.


A bar either fully or partly coated with the finest chocolate or a delicious white glaze offers an even more intense flavor. This technology is best-suited to baked bars and bars containing soft cereals.


The inclusion of oats and fruits or vegetables enables an especially soft bar to be produced. Oaty bars can be baked gently for a delicious fruit flavor or, depending on the ingredients, they also make a delightful snack. The texture is so soft that the bar is even suitable for young children.


The technology of extrusion allows you to create a delicious, raw fruit bar with the option of further enriching it with nuts or cereals. Similarly, extrusion gives you a choice of individual shapes for small, fruity pieces like cubes, hearts or animals which makes this type of snack particularly attractive to children.

Good to know

Your bar can be endowed with a range of additional properties, for example:

  • Organic certification
  • Vegan, halal, kosher etc. certifications
  • Suitability for babies and infants
  • Added protein, vitamins, calcium and many other nutrients.
  • Suitability as a meal replacement
  • Gluten and lactose free
  • No added sugar or trans fats


You can choose from a wide range of packaging options:

Ready-made Brand Concepts


In case you do not promote an own private brand yet please feel free to select a brand of HACO Group to get developed in your market...

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Would you like to delight your customers with a new bar? As Europe's leading producer of all types of snack bars we offer you tailor-made solutions…

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