Would you like to translate your ideas into products? Do you have a product in mind that you'd like to bring to market? With our passion and our stringent standards for quality and innovation, we can develop tailor-made brands that are based on your vision. Be it a coffee, soup, dessert, breakfast drink or bar: HACO has been producing a wealth of foods for internationally-renowned retailers for decades.

Good to know

Here is why a partnership with us as the producer makes total sense:


Our collaboration will always serve the strategic focus of your company.


Our decades of experience allow us to guarantee you the highest quality products.


Thanks to our use of leading-edge technological solutions, we can fulfil your specific needs.


Our innovative solutions will enable us to implement your ideas over a short time frame.


Our strict quality standards always make us strive for the best solutions.

Our Products



Create your food. Explore our competences and create online your tailor-made products with our food configurator

Private Label Retail


Would you like to delight your customers with a new bar? As Europe's leading producer of all types of snack bars we offer you tailor-made solutions…

Private Label Retail

Instant coffee & instant tea

Do you wish to enhance your product range with a coffee or tea product that is quick and easy to prepare, but also has excellent keeping properties…

Private Label Retail

Culinary ready-mixes

Do you wish to market a new convenience product? From soups and bouillons to instant meals and desserts…

Private Label Retail

Cold Brew Coffee

An authentic cold brew coffee, fitting your needs? We support you and develop a tailor-made product with an industrial process to bring a high-quality cold brew to the shelves...


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Silvio Francioni

Director of Sales Switzerland
P: +41 (0)31 950 13 66
Fax: +41 (0)31 950 15 15

Denis Baeriswyl

Key Account Manager Switzerland
P: +41 (0)31 950 14 83
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Ermin Causevic

Key Account Manager Switzerland
P: +41 (0)31 950 13 45
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Contacts, retail sales, export

Adrian Kolb

Key Account Manager Germany, Russia, Benelux
P: +41 (0) 31 950 18 44
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Diana Schott

Key Account Manager UK, Scandinavia, Southern Europe
P: +41 (0) 31 950 18 46
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Lukas Eggenschwiler

Head of Retail Sales Export
P: +41 (0) 31 950 12 28
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Marie Pignat

Key Account Manager Junior
P: +41 (0) 31 950 13 81
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