We have been supplying the food industry with coffee extracts in dried form and as a liquid concentrate for over 60 years. We process an extremely wide range of coffee varieties and blend these to suit our customers' requirements. Individual roasting serves to release the characteristic coffee flavor and aroma of every coffee bean variety. We then preserve this flavor with our unique extraction technology and gentle drying options. Every day, our experts strive to fully capture the flavor of freshly roasted coffee beans. Our use of leading-edge technologies allows us to produce specialities with unique flavor profiles that rank among the best in the world.


Producing coffee, tea and cereal extracts

HACO coffee extracts are produced from specially selected, freshly roasted coffee beans. The origin of our beans, our gentle roasting process, our many years of experience in creating flavorsome blends and our extraction technology all result in extracts that have an exceptionally good flavor, regardless of whether they are liquid, spray dried or freeze-dried. We also produce tea and cereal extracts in addition to coffee extracts.

Dry blends (cappuccino etc.)

Are you searching for dry blends that have been produced from excellent coffee extracts? Then you have found the perfect partner in HACO.


Developing and manufacturing customer-specific products

Are you looking for a special blend of select coffees or a new recipe for a mixed drink? Then our decades of experience can only help you.

Contract processing

It's an arrangement that works to both your and our benefit: Simply supply us with your raw materials – we'll contribute our expertise and our technologies. As a manufacturer of specialty coffees with long-standing experience, we will also process your raw materials into premium-quality coffee products. Flavor is key – place your trust in us.


We have access to different drying methods, depending on the specific application.


You have a choice of the following packaging options:

  • Bulk (20-25 kg shipping cartons with a poly-vinyl liner, Big Bag, Cubitainer)
  • Jars
  • Pouches
  • Sticks



Draw on our flavorings and aromas to create …


We have been supplying the food industry with coffee extracts for over 60 years …


It's an arrangement that works to both your and our benefit: You supply us with your raw materials …


Highly knowledgeable distributors sell our industrial products in Europe, Asia/Oceania, America and Africa. We shall be pleased to put you in touch with our appointed distributors. Simply get in touch with the contacts listed below for further information:

Dirk Scholl

Sales Director Industrie
Europe, Asia/Oceania, America
P: +41 (0)31 950 13 94
Fax: +41 (0)31 950 15 15

Markus Rohner

Sales Manager
Switzerland, Europe, America
P: +41 (0)31 950 14 40
Fax: +41 (0)31 950 15 15

Alessandra Bart

Sales Support Industrial Division
P: +41 (0)31 950 18 24
Fax: +41 (0)31 950 15 15

Gabriel Pappu

Sales Manager
Malaysia, Asia/Oceania
P: +603 57406892
Fax: +603 57406895