The environment is incredibly important to us. That's why we use the resources around us in a responsible manner. In doing so, we are committed to complying with the relevant laws and standards. We strive to continually and systematically improve and enlarge the scope of our environmental performance.

Our beliefs


Thanks to a comprehensive energy control system, our usage of resources is continuously optimized.


Due to its lower environmental impact, we use natural gas as a fuel whenever possible.


Recovery systems are used to channel waste heat back into production processes.


New buildings are insulated to current scientific findings and fitted with building services engineering that maximize environmentally-friendly and economical operation.


Our products are transported primarily as rail-based freight.


We strive, wherever possible, to minimize our packaging materials and their content of harmful substances, and to make them recyclable.


We dispose of organic production waste in organic composting and anaerobic digestion facilities.


We continually strive to lower as far as possible our noise and odor emissions from production facilities that are sometimes sited in densely populated areas.


Our quest for the highest possible quality stems from our commitment in our daily work. We insist on the best possible design and management of business processes in order to be able to comply with quality standards, especially in the field of food safety. The following processes are undertaken for this:


We arrange for our production sites to be audited regularly by an accredited certification partner with respect to quality management, for example compliance with ISO 9001 and BRC.


We evaluate our suppliers carefully, know them well and rate them regularly. We cultivate equitable business relationships with them and strive for long-term partnerships.


We ensure that only tested raw materials and packaging materials enter our manufacturing processes.


Mandatory sampling, testing and approval requirements lay down how semi-finished and finished products are checked against prescribed criteria in our own laboratories. We work in partnership with external accredited analytical laboratories for selected special analyses.


Complete batch traceability (forward and reverse) right down to the purchased raw materials and packaging level, plus fully documented manufacturing processes, are a matter of course for us.


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At the outset stands the idea. The process culminates in sensual pleasure, culinary diversity and, not least, commercial success. Linking them all is our technological expertise.

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Environment & Quality

Exploiting synergies, conserving resources. We make responsible use of energy, materials, air, water and soil. When in doubt, we opt for the most environmentally-friendly solution.

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History & Milestones

Inventions, pioneering achievements, Nobel laureates. The pages of HACO's history portray a fascinating record of innovation and success.