We will provide you with extremely interesting and highly-regarded basic vocational training in an innovative company. Qualified in-company trainers will supervise you during your training period. You will also be working in various divisions within our company.

We offer basic vocational training in the following careers

Lehrbeginn 2021

Kauffrau/Kaufmann EFZ

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Lehrbeginn 2022

Lebensmitteltechnologe/in EFZ

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Lehrbeginn 2021

Lebensmittelpraktiker/in EBA

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Lehrbeginn 2021

Polymechaniker/in EFZ

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Lehrbeginn 2021

Logistiker/in EFZ

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nächster Lehrbeginn 2023

Automatiker/in EFZ

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We also offer trial apprenticeships in the following careers: food technologist, food production and packaging specialist, multi-skilled mechanic, automation engineer and logistician. (3 to 5 days in duration)
If you are interested in a trial apprenticeship as a food technologist or food production and packaging specialist, please email Karin Lütolf directly: karin.luetolf(at)haco.ch

We also look forward to receiving your application if you decide to pursue a career after completing your trial apprenticeship. Please ensure that your application contains the following documents:

  • Covering letter that includes your reasons for choosing this career
  • CV with current photo
  • Copies of your last three school reports or study reports
  • Copy of your Multicheck aptitude test

Please send your application documents to the following address:

Worbstrasse 262
3073 Gümligen
or email them to us.

It is important for us to check all applications carefully. We therefore need time to study your documents after having received them. However we will send you a confirmation that your application has been received.

Do you have any further questions about our application process? If so, our HR section on telephone no. 031 950 13 23 will be pleased to assist you further.

Careers at Haco

Careers at haco

Positions vacant

Your passion and enjoyment of work are important to us: We offer positions requiring vision, creativity and innovation that give our employees the necessary latitude to be independent and proactive and act with an entrepreneurial spirit.

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The perfect way to join the working community! We will provide you with basic professional training for your future. And all in an exciting and innovative setting.

Careers at haco

Internships, professional development

We offer a range of pre-study internships in the food sector. The conditions for these can be found here.