Are you currently a student? Are you looking for an internship in the food industry?
We offer internships to students in the food industry. Federal institutes of technology (ETH) and universities of applied sciences on the one hand require students to complete internships, but we also have an interest in making internship places available to students since we are aware of the importance of academic training and attracting young people into the sector is a priority for us. Placement of interns from federal institutes of technology, universities of applied sciences, technical colleges of higher education (male and female)

Pre-study internships

We offer exciting and interesting opportunities for pre-study internships in the food industry. The prerequisites for these can be found here.


Degree dissertation

Are you writing a degree dissertation about an interesting subject? We will be pleased to offer you support in the fields of Corporate development and Quality management.

Development Platform

After graduating you will be able to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice with our "Development Platform". Application possibilities exist in production and marketing/sales.

Careers at Haco

Careers at haco

Positions vacant

Your passion and enjoyment of work are important to us: We offer positions requiring vision, creativity and innovation that give our employees the necessary latitude to be independent and proactive and act with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Careers at haco


The perfect way to join the working community! We will provide you with basic professional training for your future. And all in an exciting and innovative setting.

Careers at haco

Internships, professional development

We offer a range of pre-study internships in the food sector. The conditions for these can be found here.